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it's all just the same

resuming transmission

my hands are cold.

are we dancer?

i made it.

every other day

here we go again.

feel the burn.

cold, warm, cold, snow...repeat.

still sick

rough morning.

well, it had to happen.

breaking trail.

impending doom....

in the books.

tipping point

song in my head.

and the spaceman says.

so tonight that i might see

our dog.

fiscal responsibility

waiting for the end.

trailers for sale or rent.

cool stuff.


harsh reality.

minus 5



mixed results.


red squirrel in the morning

well, time to turn the page.

short lived.

2 more sessions to go.

throw out your gold teeth and see how they roll.


another weekend that was.

missing the good ones.

i believe i can fly.

ticking of clocks.

those test tubes and the scale.

please understand.

it's time.

well, that sucked.


hell isn't chrome

no marigolds in the promise land

odd feeling.



rough wisconsin sports saturday

real nice

late to bed, early to rise.

wake up now

you'll never win the way you won again

if i could talk...

finally, a big w

still in shock.

yost fired!

weekend that was

so far so good

big pimp

cabbage worms

it's time to...

where was i, where am i?

well, here we go again.

man oh man

well, that was a great end...

long weekends

good night to hit a dimpled ball

revisionist history

and i feel like william tell.

in the closet

good weekend

real men of genius.

i hit the rope

nice night.

judge this.


great stuff

a funny thing happened to me

it's all just the same don't you know

questions in my mind.

roadies have issues.

four under.

mud is hard on the old...

bad night for a ride

time for a beer

and in the end

that was a big one

game time.

rickie f-ing weeks.


throw it in the fire...throw it in the air.

vacation (readers digest version)

the project is over.


mission accomplished

mr big shot


a touch of something

if you are not crashing...

good help is hard to find


home sweet home.



irrational desires.

tt, xo1, and a partridge in a pear tree

easily forgotten

the itch.

the line broke...the monkey got choke

nobody cares. no one remembers and nobody cares.

ticks and slugs.

i forgot to mention

barn owl alarm clock

kitten power.

strawberry fields

bum shoulder

virtue is a patience

moving on up.