another weekend that was.

first off, i just want to say that after 5 years and 2 days, i'm still amazed i found a way to get robin to marry me. in the beginning, she put up with a lot...and still does frankly, and i'm glad she does.

friday night we enjoyed the company of my mom and jim for dinner at samba. a brazillian steakhouse, i ate more meat in that sitting than i had the previous 2 weeks. saturday robin and i spent the day together, taking a short tour of new glarus and monroe and having dinner at our favorite quivey's grove.

quivey's was an odd experience...our waitress told robin that they were out of the prime rib but the waiter at other tables kept bringing it out. we were going to say something but figured she did us a favor...the lady at the table next to us had to send it back due to temperature (or lack there of). there was some other hi-jinx at that same table earlier in the evening but i don't even know where to start recounting that story...let's just say it had to do with a hot dog, tongue flicking and a very mortified father.

yesterday i studied. while i didn't get much done, i managed to somehow feel a little better about the upcoming 'stretch run.' i've learned that i usually come through under pressure, and that has given me a little confidence heading into several big projects over the next 6 weeks.

i managed a nice 45 minute run in the flurries and wind yesterday. and, it felt really good.

and now it is monday...

happy monday.


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