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TCM 2018

Going into this year's version of TCM I knew that I hadn't been as consistent as last year but that I had managed a few "better" workouts relative to the long run (the 35K trail race at Battle Creek and a fairly recent 22 miler). My legs weren't feeling as good as I "tapered" the week prior. And, I was still feeling a little chapped about Boston. So, motivation was high to do well but I just didn't know if I had done enough work.

We got our race packets on Saturday (between soccer and a Costco run) - this makes me smile as prior to having kids race weekends were so much different - and then most of the rest of the day hanging out at home.

Robin did the 10 mile - so that meant getting downtown a little earlier than last year. We drove to Hamline and took the train with Pat and Katie, super convenient as the station is right at the 10 mile start. After milling about (in the Mill city), waiting for the bathroom, and finding the bag drop, it was time to…

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