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That left a few marks

Going into Fat Tire there were a few certainties:
1) I am relatively fit but not in bike race shape.
2) If dry, I can fake it with said fitness and experience with the race.
3) If wet, I am screwed.

It rained 4+ inches Friday night which made #3 my reality. On top of it, I wasn't feeling well and knew that it would be a long day for me. Tried to take it easy the first hour of the race so that I could feel like I was pushing through the 2nd half of the race. Starting getting cramp tinges at around mile 20. Fire tower put me over the top (I managed to ride 2 sections of the climb which was my main achievement of the race considering how slimy and how few people were riding around me). After that, my quads were full on cramping to the point that I had to walk ALL the uphills in the final stretch of the Birkie trails. Ate and drank a bunch at the aid station exiting the Birkie section and did what I could to finish strong. My time was meh, my place was meh, and frankly I really didn&…

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