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milestones, reflection, and the horizon

Recovery from the marathon has gone well. It took me a little longer to want to run than I thought it might, but I'm getting back into a pretty good groove. Every other day or so, trying to get longer runs in (which for me is 7 or more miles during the week, over ten when I have more time). My favorite run so far was done at Afton this past Sunday - weather was great and the trails were great. I'm going to try to stay on this rhythm for the next couple months, maybe even building my weekend efforts into something resembling a long run.

There are some key family milestones this time of the year:
October 16th: Miles's birthday
October 25th: Our anniversary
November 9th: Calvin's birthday

These are all occasions for celebration - but also make me very nostalgic. As the boys get older and the years tick away in wedded bliss, I am struck by just how fast time goes. Just a reminder to go after what you want in life because the time you have is limited. The other reminder thi…

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