05 November 2015

4 miles

I ran last night (headlamp on trails). So that was something. 

01 November 2015

over a year?


04 October 2014


so, maybe i just won't have the bandwidth to update this anymore. work has been ridiculous - almost to the point where i am starting to miss what i had before. almost. family life has also been busy - sick baby and a few race weekends and here we are in october wondering where the time went.

fat tire was frustrating for me. i actually felt pretty good considering my lake of race fitness. i rode a 34x17 and that wasn't enough on the flats (and there were a lot more of them then normal) and a little too much for my legs on the hills. i think that i could have been 10 minutes faster with some gears - and while i enjoy racing ss, probably not again at fat tire. when i build my kona a few years back, i recycled the drive train from my 2002 s works. it's time to invest in the drive train and i'm looking to procure xt components to allow me to run 1x10.

trek cyclocross collective cup - not a bad race, again, considering the competition and my lack of races in the legs. i finished around where i had been staged - not much else to say about that.

i'm hoping to do more cx this fall - maybe getting out once per week to keep the legs feeling ok but my main focus for the fall is to build my mileage/training time for my 2015 marathon. we are heading to salt lake city for thanksgiving so that will be nice as well. and work, well, no end in sight with regard to my workload. i guess that is what i wanted.

happy saturday.

03 August 2014

the scene

well, i haven't updated in a while....

they say you should only make 1 major life change in a year (whoever 'they' are) but we/i went ahead and did two. obviously, the first was on-boarding boy number two to the family. it was rough at first, but we are settling in. actually, right around the time that things were getting a little more comfortable i went ahead and started a new job. i am the quality control lab manager and unlike my previous 13+ professional years we actually make something. working in the manufacturing has been an adjustment to say the least - and switching to a company where i am it has been a little stressful. through it all (and with the immense support of my wife) i have been able to balance a very involved family life and 50+ hours a week at the new job. i have even found some time to stay active and somewhat fit. i have been very diet conscious and that has helped me reach race weight even though my fitness/speed are nowhere close.

with all this time and effort focused on the important stuff i seem to have fallen out of my circle of biking friends. this cycle kind of repeats itself - go away and do real life stuff for a while (the years of grad school and calvin were similar) and you are out of the loop. inevitably, i find things to draw my focus that are purely individual in nature - triathlon or marathon running come to mind. and, for the latter, remain on my mind. i need a physical outlet - and i need an athletic goal to push me out the door when motivation is low or i'm not feeling great. biking isn't doing it for me - events get canceled, rescheduled, etc., to be competitive you need to invest a lot of time and i need to be able to plan at this phase of our lives.

so, i'm doing another marathon. i still need to get under 3 hours and i'm not getting any younger. fall marathons haven't panned out for me in the past so i'm focusing on a spring (or early summer) race. initially, i thought that i might run eau claire for purely nostalgic reasons but the timing (early may) conflicts with some madison classics that would be very good spring boards to a late june marathon (monona 20k and syttende mai 20 miler come to mind). plus, i want to do a bigger race with friends around me so grandma's is the obvious choice.

i'm older now and even when i was younger my approach hasn't been successful so i'm going to mix it up. 10 day cycles with a lot of off days - but key workouts and a longer max long run are components that i'm going to try. actually, the key workouts during the pre-race cycles will be: 1 long run building to a max of 24 miles, 1 medium distance run building to a max of 15 or 16 miles, 1 threshold workout, 1 speed workout and a trail run. in the past, i tried to run too frequently which led to my body breaking down. the cycles mentioned above will start in early to mid march...until then, i need to build my mileage slowly and steadily. we are doing fat tire this year and some cross racing but i'd like to start building my long and medium long runs mid fall - october or early november. that will work well with the racing that time of the year (and will help me stay fit as the daylight disappears). i'm racing single speed this year also with the idea that it will be a similar to running in that if you want to go faster you need to move your legs faster. anyway, this structure won't maximize my potential but i'm hoping it'll get me below 3 hours healthy.

anyway, i'm still working on the details. 1 goal is to do a better job of logging my workouts this year so i'll probably use strava and link it here. also, i might just give this little corner of the world a face lift as my blog looks pretty outdated. my goal for just about everything in life these days is simplification - so my hope is that this will reflect that goal.

anyway, i have a window to train today and i'm eating into it so i better go do that. all this talk of running would make one think i'm heading out for a nice long run - but biking is on the schedule for today (fat tire prep).

happy sunday.

18 March 2014

small steps.

so whether people care to acknowledge it or not, it is spring in the midwest. temps in the 30 to 50 degree range, warm(ish) sun, dwindling snow pack and windy. i have been trying to take advantage as much as i can. riding a little here. running some there. trying to find some balance in my life...

i ran one of my 6 mile loops for the first time in a very long time - and felt pretty good doing so. following my trail race last spring i was very sore in my hamstring/prioformis area after every run. there is something to be said about a bunch of forced time off - and healing the body is one of them. it also didn't hurt that i realized my wallet was exacerbating this issue.

last night was terrible with miles. he is sick, he is teething and he is becoming more aware of his surroundings by the day. we woke up in a frenzy last night pretty much right after robin and i had just fallen into a deep sleep. it took both of us to get him calmed. he woke up again at 3:30 - a mini-version of the freak fest. man babies are hard.

happy tuesday.

14 March 2014

there's a whisper.

big happenings - that is how i would summarize things right now.

last friday i gave my 3 week notice of resignation from my current position. i have been with my current organization for a few weeks shy of 11 years - and that familiarity with the company is giving me small pangs of nervousness when i contemplate that i will be in a completely different environment doing a somewhat different job. i have accepted a qc manger position at a contract manufacturing organization and start on april 7th.

back in 2009 i completed my masters degree and i had full intentions to find a new opportunity in the biotech field. my plan was to weather the baby storm and then in the spring of 2010 begin the search in earnest. well, calvin came along that november and i went about that plan. then the pediatric icu happened. instead of months we needed years to recover. during that time, i continued to take on responsibility, branched out into other aspects of the business, grew my group 4 fold and absorbed a very challenging client. the irony is that i was so busy for so long that i wasn't really ever able to search for something new. that changed in december - when i followed up on a random lead posted by a former colleague on linked in. we discussed the impending opening and i couldn't think of a reason to not learn more. so, i had a meeting with the director of qa and regulatory and got a very good impression of the organization. i went through the interview process in january and received the offer on february 14th. i'm very excited to take on new challenges and begin to apply my skills in the biotechnology operating space.

what i am leaving behind is a group of very good up and coming analysts (all hand picked by me) and a program that was in vast disarray a year ago but is now poised to be very successful. i'm working as hard as i can to make the transition as good as it can be - but frankly, my motivation goes down each day. it is very difficult to relinquish what i have worked tirelessly to optimize and grow. the hardest part is saying good bye to so many people whom i respect greatly. i never fully understood my footprint here until so many people reached out to me with congratulations.

my 5 year goal is to someday work for a very small biotech start up company and contribute to growing the business. to do that, i needed to gain experience in biotech operating space - this position will allow me to leverage my education and my experience in program management, supervisory skills, contract organizations and regulatory oversight while gaining experience in bio-pharmaceuticals and in manufacturing. i can't wait to get to work!

happy friday.

28 February 2014


i'm feeling a little more optimistic today regarding bike racing. for the past 4 months or so i had pretty much written off 2014 regarding bike racing. i mean, i barely have had the bandwidth for work and family so i thought it might be best if i just take racing/fitness out of the equation for the year. but, funny things are starting to happen. my circadian rhythms are adjusting to waking up at odd hours. i'm finding time here and there to get workouts in. and when i do, i don't feel terribly out of shape (out of shape for sure, but not bad for february). and, my wife and i are a great team. last week i had taken tuesday off of work and skied in the morning and snowshoed during the afternoon. over this past weekend i got a really good run in (for me) on saturday and 1:40 of bike time on sunday. i even ran after work last night! so, it still is a stretch but i am starting to scratch out a general plan for the year - in draft form, it looks a little something like this:

spring phase (crits just to get solid efforts in):
06-Apr: WCA great dane 1
13-Apr: WCA great dane 2
27-Apr: WCA fitchburg
18-May: WCA wheels on willy

summer phase (building strength, mtb = single speed):
01-Jun: WORS Camrock
15-Jun: WORS Wausau
29-Jun: WORS Eau Claire
July = 'big miles' and race specific workouts
26-Jul: WCA Fitchburg
09-Aug: SS state champs @ Beechwood

fall phase:
Fat Tire!

winter phase:
get some sleep.

anyway, it looks like a lot of racing - but a lot of it is either local or can be built into trips to visit family. for WORS, i'd like to race the Comp Single Speed class. Masters for road and CX. there is enough local racing where i can 'race' into shape without making a huge time/effort getting to races. we shall see...i've got some things in the works that may or may not conspire against this tentative plan. but, you have to start somewhere.

happy friday.

10 February 2014


i've got to figure something out. work wise, i'm putting in consistent 10, 11 hour days and still leaving piles of work. my client is sending me emails at 10:00 on sunday night - but not responding to other things that i need to do their work. i'm finding it very difficult to remain motivated by my job at the moment. life with a baby isn't helping. we are going on 4 months of this baby thing - and i must say it is getting old. i forgot just how much having a baby in the house impacts everything you do - nothing about a baby is hard. but, at the same time it is really hard. the baby never seems to want to sleep yet somehow you can't go anywhere/do anything because the baby needs to sleep (paradox?). it is so much harder with an older child in the house that needs mental stimulation and activity. on top of it, it is a classically harsh winter. a winter of discontent if you will. i am over it.

and don't get me started on my fitness - although i did get out on skis saturday and sunday i'm a dog right now. i really need to start training after i do my 4:30-ish stint with the baby. i barely fall asleep before i have to get up again - and that little extra sleep has me feeling super groggy until mid-morning so i might as well make the sleep deprivation a little self serving. 

my client is here all week minus today. i should be worn to an even smaller nub by friday afternoon.

i apologize to anyone reading this.


03 February 2014


i managed to get out twice over the weekend to ski - both at pleasant view, both times for an hour (2 big loops) per ski. i wasn't breaking any records but i was still beating skaters on the hills with my waxless classic boards - it just hurt a little more than i remember.

saturday was my winter party for work - my little sis came over and watched the boys for us. it was fun being out and about but we arrived home at midnight to a baby that was awake. we finally made it to bed a 1:30/2am. last night i was up with miles at 3:45 and never went back to sleep this morning. i'm grinding today - and in an hour or so i'm heading to work my company's table at the uw career fair in the kohl center. i'm not getting home until at least 9 tonight - probably later.

on top of this, i've got a cold. probably from miles coughing on me countless times a day. babies are no good...but at least they turn into cool little kids.

the world championships cx race was something else - my two favorites duking it out the last two laps. fun to watch.

happy monday.

28 January 2014

irregular routine.

my "regular" routine of sifting some daily exercise back into my life was upended by a week of sick people in my house. miles spiked his first fever and it persisted from wednesday afternoon through the weekend. trying to manage care for him around our work schedules was difficult. on top of it, i needed to present on a previous project at the all company meeting friday afternoon (600 people or so) as well as work with my executive management to negotiate a new contract with a current program. i thought that having a second kid would be in a way easier - but not only is it really hard transitioning from one to two - i am in a completely different place professionally than i was 4 years ago. i guess there are reasons people have kids in their twenties (and not mid-thirties).

we celebrated christmas with my in-laws over the weekend. that's right, i said that. we had originally planned this for two weeks ago but due to ice/sick kids it was postponed. so we went on saturday - and that was the worst winter driving we have endured in a very long time. high cross winds on icey roads is not a good combination. at one point a gust pushed the back end of the van pretty far sideways - i thought for sure we were going to start spinning down the interstate. anyway, for a celebration at the end of january it was nice. the wood furnace is havoc on my allergies and it is at times a million-trillion degrees in that house (at least) but we got through it.

i'm supposed to travel to north carolina tomorrow but it is looking like this storm may end up putting the kibosh on it. the last thing i want to do is to fly to detroit and get stranded there - yuck.

happy tuesday.