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The Week After

M: 0
T: 0
W: 0
R: 0
F: 0
S: 0
N: 6 miles pushing Miles in the stroller.
Total: 6 miles

We stopped to smell the roses (or leaves as it were)

Felt good to do nothing, but started getting itchy around Thursday. Tuesday we were rushing to get to a school thing for Cal and I sprained my ankle pretty bad walking down the stairs of our deck. I get this once or twice per year, usually when fatigued (get sloppy with my walking). It sounds horrible (pops) and I'm pretty sore for a few weeks. I'm good moving strait forward, just couldn't play basketball right now!

I'm going to run every other day this week - and will resume a.m. workouts starting tomorrow. My goal for the next few months is to stay active (preferably with running through whichever turkey trot we do) and try to focus on core/upper body strength. I forgot how important that is at the end of a marathon. Oh, and I'm planning on running Eau Claire Marathon (ECM) in May with the goal of a sub 3. More on that later.

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