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Week 8 of 9

M: 0, feeling sore from the Fat Tire. Opted to give body rest.
T: 9 miles, body felt better but starting to feel a cold coming on.
W: 0, scheduled rest day
R: 7 miles, sick but pushed through.
F: 0, sick
S: 14.5 miles, last long-ish run. Ran by feel and had intended to push a little the last 10km. The heat and remnants of my cold conspired against any meaningful pushing of pace.
N: 0 (18 holes of golf)
Total: 30.5

Tough week trying to balance resting my body through a cold but at least maintaining my fitness. I'm glad I got sick this week instead of next week, but would have preferred one more solid training week. This week I missed 2 scheduled runs, after having missed 2 workouts over the first 7 weeks. Oh well! The long run was a little disappointing as I was hoping to have a confidence building last big effort going into taper. It was OK but not much better. I did finally commit to my race strategy during this run - I'm going out with the 3:15 pace group through mile 21. I&…

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