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Here we go again

After spending the past 9 months since TCM 2017 being active only when I felt like it, I'm ramping back up for a run at TCM 2018. This was a late decision, somewhat formed by the fact that my counterpart in marriage is doing the TC 10M with work folks... when she told me she got in something clicked in my head. Marathoning is hard - but the rewards are deeply satisfying and I immediately conjured the rewards somewhat forgetting the physical cost. I'm still chasing a time goal and I'm not sure this cycle will get me there because of its tardiness in starting - but so far the sensations have been good. I ran 16 miles last weekend and while the recovery was a bit harsh, the actual run went really well considering I haven't done a run over 10 miles since early October 2018. I'm shooting for an 18 miler this weekend, and am registered for the Bluff Tuff  35K next weekend. We are spending the last week of August in the Northwoods and I'm hoping that, while the focus …

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