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the big chill. again.

night skiing.



early to rise.



through the years.

glad to be back.

and here we are...

vegas vegas.

now the fun begins.

one to remember.

winter break.

a lot of rumors.

crunch crunch.

more snow?


for good measure.

the dream

tofurky bowl.

oh well.

polar precision and vista.

the brewers.

i don't know where i am...

back at it.

call it, friend-o

writer's block.


stem cells.

it just couldn't go well.

it's the national championship again...

when your work speaks for itself...don't interrupt.

and down the stretch they come!

the semi-frozen tundra.

and then there was this.

a step back in quality.

the thing is.


break time.

see you sometime.

no seats and bad gas.

how is it?

company in my back.

at least that's what you said.

when you least expect it.

my hero.

randomness before the storm

long day.

wake, work, repeat.

if i knew...

if i finish this then...

friday and i'm...

back and better than ever.

mental health day.

another new beginning.

that's a wrap.

we can tear down all the borders

hey a-holes...

go with the 'flow'

lock it up.

with no connection.

the blaster.

coming around.

time for a cool change.

some pictures.

make it stop.

the details (caution, scary)

clap you hands and say...

so this is it.

a wreck.

early in the morning.

looks like someone has a case of the mondays.

new world record.

last minute jitters.

shut your eyes.

that is what i get.

no work work, just a lot of school work.

omg, mkis.


maybe the sun will shine today...

in hindsite.

this run brought to you by...



study break.

i survived (that's good enough for now)

oh's THAT weekend.

one way

i like this one.

solid state technology.

on a private beach.

jesus, etc.

sore knees (again).


oh yea...

bag it.

first assignment...check!

more running mumbo jumbo.

well, here i am.


an angry hornet.

i caught myself thinking....


autumn fires will return (i am so out of tune with you)

long run.

i'm orientated...

hip the beat.

when motivation disappears.

jerry's race.

i am looking forward.

don't stop believing.

dude, i'm not doing a dell.