No Boston

Found out yesterday that I just missed meeting the entry standard for Boston 2019. The required time ended up being 4:52 or faster than BQ times - I was 4:36 faster. Missing out by 16 seconds did make me temporarily consider where I might have squandered that time on the course last year at TCM. But in reality, the time I ran last year was surprising - and unexpected considering I hardly ran save for the 10 week build up I did. I didn't have the base to run a race maximizing my ability - nor did I do anything resembling speed work. This race was an approximation of my natural ability when I'm in general running shape but not really marathon shape. So, while slightly disappointed, I'm OK with it. I'm OK with it considering I really do feel like that was the fastest I could run on that day last October. I'm OK with it as it will provide extra motivation as I work towards my next races. And I'm OK with it in that it has made me hungry to not only achieve getting into Boston, but to meet my 20+ year goal of running a sub-3 hour marathon. End of the day, I can run faster so I'm focusing on executing on that.

Happy Friday.


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