well, it makes me feel a little better knowing that others struggle with our assignments as much as i do. you sit down, look at something and think it'll take a couple of hours. 3 days later, you are still putting the finishing touches on it and sweating other impending assignments.

after getting kicked out of the libarary at closing time, i watched a little baseball last night and that was undoubtedly the worst conditions i've seen a game continued in. clearer heads prevailed when they called the game in the sixth, and everyone is better off with a suspended tie game. retractable roofs for everyone!

5 hilly miles yesterday and i'm feeling pretty good. so far, the saucony experiment is paying off with none of my knee pain characteristic of my prior running forray. i remember pat telling me about a friend of his who was able to split his year into 3 seasons (bike, run and ski) and do so competitively. i would like to try that model, and with the end of school on the horizon, it almost seems like a realistic goal...i would love to ski in the winter (culminating in the birkie), run through the spring (with a spring marathon) and then race cross (and fat tire) in the fall. i think this model would allow compatability with the disciplines. caveats? yes! i have no cross bike, nor do i have race worthy skis. details. speaking of pat, i wonder if he is ever going to post to his blog again?

even if i don't race, it is becoming very clear that i am a lot more happy when i'm training. and, for whatever reason, i'm unable to focus on 1 sport year round like i used to.

man, i just blew this thing up.

happy tuesday.


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