our dog.

at almost 3 years old, my dog is still an annoying adolescent airedale that drives us crazy on the hour every hour. why do we put up with it you ask? well, because he is so damn handsome.

we cleaned the house up last night to prepare for thanksgiving guests. after that, i tried to do some writing and got a paragraph. i've lost my muse i guess...hopefully copious amounts of turkey and red wine will give me back my motivation and writing ability. or, at least make me forget about it all for one day.

thanksgiving is my favortie holiday by far, i love the idea of family and friends getting together to share a great meal and each others company for no other reason than to give thanks for everything we have. no obligation of gifts. no (major) decorating. just the good things in life. i hope everyone enjoys the holiday, if you read this you are one of the things i give thanks for every year.

did i mention our dog is handsome?

here he is mimicking how i am going to feel thursday night.

happy thanksgiving.


Chuckles said…
Happy Thanksgiving Oliver!
lisa said…
Oh my goodness, Oliver is one handsome boy! We hope to see you guys while we're in Madison. Happy Thanksgiving Robin & Andy.

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