fiscal responsibility

so, we toyed with the idea of buying a brand new subaru forester a few weeks back considering the winter driving schedule we have but, after reviewing our financials, opted for fiscal responsiblity. today's 1.5 inches of snow reminded me why i really want to get rid of my honda. for whatever reason, our LX is a dog while our EX is a champ. if we get a new car, i get the EX. oh well, here is to another winter of getting stuck on hills.

i'm feeling good today. i'm happy to have my group stuff wrapped up...well, the paper anyway. i've yet to hear from my teammates about any of it...bums. and that leaves me with 1 3000 word paper...and i have about a third of that in the books already.

we did our thanksgiving shopping last night and i saw a 15 pound turkey breast...that is one big bird. it was organic and never frozen so it cost $85. our frozen 10 pounder will be just fine, thank you very much.

happy monday.


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