well, i registered for the last time this morning. the end is in sight, but it still seems a long way away.

between work and school, my work load is heavy for the rest of the month. i'm beginning to feel some pressure and general nervousness about getting it all done...and more importantly, getting it all done well.

by the way, anyone have a rigid fork for 26" wheels? since NOBODY rides 26" wheels anymore i figure someone has fork laying around that they aren't using.

happy monday.


Steve said…
The end will come and it will be one more accomplishment that you are able to add to your list.

I think I have a 26" Paramount fork in my parents attic. Not that it will do you any good unless you plan on going retro and using a threaded headset.
andyH. said…
threaded headset...that is a little too old fashioned for me!

thanks for the words of encouragement. i probably complain too much, but then again, this is my forum for it (robin would get pretty sick of me if i complained any more than i already do).

soon enough, soon enough.
Chuckles said…
Just map it out, there really isn't that much new work left for the semester. We could have it done over a week ahead of it's due date. Check out or for rigid 26" forks.

hang in there 4.0!

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