harsh reality.

well, 1 more session to go. i have some work to do before the final session arrives, but for some reason, i'm not as stressed about this as i was for the last few weeks. not yet any way.

we drove a 2009 subaru forester on saturday. without a doubt, this is our next car. we've spread ourselves a little thin the past couple of years (school doesn't help), so it is not in the cards for another 6 months or so...but someday. our civics aren't bad, but they are starting to get old. mine is 10 years old already.

anyway, the simple dashboard, the extra space, the all wheel drive and the huge back seat are some of the things we like the most. plus, while driving it, it didn't seem big...it felt more like a station wagon that sat up a little higher.

anyway, i'm babbling.

happy monday.


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