well, it had to happen.

with just about everyone in my life sick with the latest cold, it was just a matter of time before i got it. i am feeling ill but it hasn't morphed into anything too bad yet. i'm super sore from my snowshoe excursion the other day and the mild aches of the cold are contributing to that for sure.

i still may try to log a little time on the trainer tonight if i don't feel too bad. my goal is to train 5 days a week (minus over the christmas expedition) through the end of january and see where i'm at. i just need to build a little base, so i'm going to mix the snowshoes, skis, 1x1 outside, trainer and running with the goal of moving. i mentioned taking a stab at the madison marathon this spring, but right now, that isn't prudent...i could change my mind....which i usually do.

i'm not really sure when i'll race again. it has taken me 3 semesters to figure out that i don't do real well balancing full time work, full time school, family and training. my new current fancy would be to train through the summer, race at fat tire, and then race the cross series in the fall.

who knows what i'll do.

happy thursday.


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