tipping point

it's funny, you know you have a 'tipping point.' a point at which you can take no more, and you know it is time for something new. i think i've reached that point at work. i know, i've said things like this about work before. and maybe this will pass as well...but for how hard i work and how much thought and energy i spend on that place, the last thing i need to find out about is ANOTHER disproportionate award. someone has been granted the ability to travel to europe for a conference and meet and greet with some clients. no biggie...except in the past 12 months this person:
- left the company disgruntled.
- returned to the company exactly 6 months later.
- announced a pregnancy shortly after that.
- and now is going to do something i would kill to be able to do (she is at my level).

i do my job, i manage my projects quietly and efficiently. i don't complain. and look where it is getting me.

i've always felt great loyalty towards my boss and group. but even the strongest loyalty can not reconcile every thing.

sorry for the vent.

happy wednesday.


Chuckles said…
When they take your red swingline stapler.....you'll know what to do.
ronko said…
She deserves it! And you know it!
ronko said…
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Patrick said…
solution: congratulatory Exlax brownies right before she leaves.
ScootsOnMoots said…
why don't you get pregnant. i hear the guys in europe are doing it.

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