good night to hit a dimpled ball

golfed at the norsk last night with greg instead of time trials. good was a great night and besides getting heckled by a few old timers playing league, all was well in mt horeb. i golfed ok, i blew up on the first three holes but calmed down after and played 2 pars plus 2 3-putt bogies on the remaining 6. i really need to start putting better.

we are members of a farm and get a weekly share of veggies. this week was great with peppers, sweet corn, two different lettuces, huge radishes and finally, a bunch of tomatoes. it's been a difficult year for the farmers (too wet early which delayed planting/plant development and now dry reducing normal yeilds). if this is a low yield year, i can't imagine a big year.

i got 3 hours of homework yesterday to be completed prior to the first class session a week from today. oh well, i knew it was coming. we're doing a lot of project management/leadership stuff this semester which i will find interesting considering i'm in the infancy of my management career.

happy thursday.


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