i tried to get up early to run this morning but it was so cold in the room i just couldn't exit the caccoon. that doesn't get any easier as we progress to the next season. i ran last night and it was the first time since i've been trying to run again that i felt like a runner. how many times can i used 'run' or some form of it in a single sentance? anyway, switching back to saucony was the best thing i could have done. the fit just seems better for my feet...and the way the cushioning is set up seems to match my biomechanics. hopefully it helps with my knee pain i developed last year training for lakefront.

i've arranged to be home for the first pitch tomorrow. tds hd is superb so that should be cool. i still can't believe they made it. i wish i could enjoy the game with a beer but thursday is too long of a day to not feel well.

high of 59 today...fall is in the air and i'm loving it.

happy tuesday.


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