finally, a big w

the brewers won. that is news relative to the past couple weeks. i don't think it had anything to do with firing the manager, this has been a streaky team all year, and now they are heading back in the right direction.

why can't sheets pitch through his boo-boos? i get that his elbow has been bothering him for several weeks, but every year, when they need him most, he shuts it down. you'd expect more from a guy in a contract year.

i'm sick. i somehow caught a cold...i've been really achy the past 36 hours and that has been the worst of it. i'm slightly better today, but still feeling it for sure. so, i haven't been doing much of anything related to exercise. oh well.

i'm golfing at the uridge on sunday and, based on the forcast and the greatness that is uridge, i'm getting excited. now i just need to make it through another 14 hours of class...

that's all i know...i know, my life is pretty pedestrian lately.

happy thursday.


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