real nice

it's nice to see that the politicians in washington are looking out for their constituents and not party politics. i've seen better communication and compromise from a group of kindergartners. i'm no economic expert, but my gut feeling is that we are on a giant precipice that we will inevitably fall over. in more ways than 1, this series of events mimics the beginnings of the great depression. i'm just saying.

i had a weekly manager meeting yesterday that (in typical form) deteriorated into a bitch session about a new system put in place...mostly because it was different than the old system. adults with power acting like children has suddenly become i theme i guess.

last night, i was in such a fowl mood because of all of this. poor robin had to deal with it. my school work output suffered. and it has carried over into today. plus, the starbucks i allowed myself tastes like crap...watery. i can make watery coffee.

well, there you go.

happy friday?


Patrick said…
Hey, the silver lining is Braun's walk-off slam. All is not lost.

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