well, here we go again.

the first session of class starts tonight...14 to 15 hours of class by the time we finish on saturday. 3 classes to be exact and during our lunch hour tomorrow we will be discussing our capstone project for the final semester. here is to less free time, more exhaustion, and to being OVER half done starting at 6 tonight.

to commemorate the last night of freedom, i ventured out to mt horeb to play some golf with greg. he wanted a cart but i guess with ironman on sunday i can't blame him. we're going to try to hit the links once a week this fall...that is until i can't find the time.

i had every intention of running this morning, but waking up at 5:45 to the sound of light rain on the window forced me to stay in bed. oh well, that would have just compounded my long day even more.

happy thursday.


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