late to bed, early to rise.

i kicked off my thursday with a nice 6 mile jaunt in the early morning mist. while it hurts me to get up every time, by the end i'm into it and there really is no better way to start the day. i had some difficulty breathing but i'll just chalk it up to allergies.

last night i logged a couple hours at the library and then came home to switch between the mets and the brewers (both in hd). like i said yesterday, how can they expect me to do school work while this trivial drama unfolds? it's now a 4 game season...too bad the brewers only have 1 reliable pitcher. sheets is junk...i hate that when you need him he shuts it down. gallardo had reconstructive knee surgery in may and might pitch today, but sheets can't push through some elbow stiffness? it's a pennant race...this isn't intramurals!

and here we are with another work day ahead...

happy thursday.


Patrick said…
This is Division I football!

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