i sure wish i could figure out why i feel bad most days. oh well.

riding in the past few days i've had a couple of interesting experiences with some dude on a very low recumbant. i have passed him at the exact same spot both days (both times he is riding on the sidewalk). then, he passes me (because he does not stop or yield at stop lights/stop signs including mineral point road). this morning it had rained a bit and his pass resulting in a nice spray of dirty water on my face. needless to say, that pissed me off. he is just like most people on a bike, he can bomb the downhills but as soon as there is even a slight incline i fly by him without any increase in effort. the thing is, he is a foot off the ground and at some point i would image he is going to get flattened by a car (considering how he rides). i hope not but watching how he rides there is no possible way a car isn't going to turn over top of him while making a right hand turn (he is a foot of the ground so you wouldn't blame a car for not seeing him). maybe i should get him an orange flag?

that is kind of a segway into something else on my mind lately. why can't there be a formal liberatarian party? i don't mean 'moderate democrat' or 'tea party republican' or any of that nonsense. sorry, the primaries were yesterday and the older i get, the more i struggle with how i should vote. i still end up deferring to social issues and vote democrat but it would be nice to have a more conservative approach to fiscal policy. actually, maybe not 'conservative' but just 'responsible.' i watched tommy thompson's acceptance speech last night and while i thought he was the better of the other two snakes running in the primary, he really didn't say much that spoke to me. at least i don't have to see mark neuman and his disingenuous ads or hovde and his douchey commercials anymore.

sorry about that. cross practice tonight, not feeling well so i probably won't be going great but it will be nice to test out the new bike while doing simulated race efforts. it seems early but i do need to start getting some intensity (time trials just haven't been cutting it).

happy wednesday.


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