cut back kid

i had targeted a 'rest' week last week for a while now. i am not always great at hitting my training goals with regard to volume or workouts, but damn i am good at taking rest. 3.5 hours of ride time over 2 days of riding. that is 5 zeros (6 if you could last sunday) over the week. bam!

we had a really nice weekend while calvin and oliver were away. thursday night we did our own thing - robin's bike night. i extended my ride home and then caught up on yardwork. friday night i cut out early and did a little extra riding. i cleaned up my mountain bike and single speed and then i took my maiden voyage on the november race bike. the geometry is noticeably different - i need to spend some time swapping stems, adjust stack height, etc. to get it dialed to my position preference. nothing that difficult but for some reason i really don't like putzing with the front end. that bike is bomber light with the xlite front/xxxlite rear. i'm excited to start racing on it! anyway, dinner at the old fashioned friday night was ok. i like the place but the food isn't to die for.

saturday we took a day trip to the viroqua/driftless region and did some exploration. i overdosed on kickapoo coffee, went to the farmers market, blue dog cycles and some other shopping/lunch in viroqua. then we went to the kickapoo valley reserve and wildcat mountain state park. it was rainy which added to the experience (the motorcyclists were absent and the clouds/fog in the valleys was amazing visually). ate dinner in mazomanie and capped it off with a little van shopping (gasp). i have always been against vans but that is stupid - a similar footprint to our subaru but double (or more) space for kid stuff, pet stuff, bike stuff, stuff stuff. similar gas mileage too. i really like the sienna se. that is a swagger wagon. speaking of which, hearing calvin say 'swagger wagon' is pretty funny. and, he doesn't want a van because he thinks they are too big.

robin's cousin hosted a family gathering in stoughton yesterday. it was perfect weather, great food and fun. then, it was off to tomah to get our son back. we stopped for dinner in lake delton (buffalo phil's). i don't think i would recommend it (overpriced and not great quality) - but calvin loved the animal heads/stuffed bears and trains.

and now back at work - everyone was still sleeping when i departed which makes it hard. i had a very productive week last week and got caught up on several things that have been hanging over my head for months. i haven't been real public about it lately but i have been actively seeking a different role - one internally - that didn't ultimately work out. i told robin that the problem with my current job is that i'm really good at it. if you can call that a problem. so, at least for the remainder of summer and fall i'm going to take the energy i've been channeling into finding something new and try to knock what i'm doing out of the park. i want to be active in the business side of things and there are two routes for me (within the organization) - transfer to a new position or get promoted. i'm shooting for the latter.

happy monday.


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