i forgot

i forgot how hard cyclocross can be. i rode over to the park and got there in time to start the warm up laps (i was running late so i'm glad they were too). it was weird to not be helping set up - but not in a bad way. there is something to be said for just showing up and riding. anyway, on the first couple laps i could tell just how different my new bike is. first, it is bomber light. i have heavy-ish clinchers on it right now and it still was noticeably lighter. second, it was stiff. i'm not always in tune with this kind of stuff but the power transfer was noticeable as well. i'm super excited to riding this bike more and more.

i was really feeling terrible but was able to still have a successful practice. dismount/remounts at speed and getting to know the bike a little were the objectives. i even got a few hot laps mixed in throughout the 3-3 lap sessions. with the commute and the practice i got close to 2.5 hours on the day so i'm happy with that.

work has been busy. i found out yesterday that september will be even more busy. and i might be audited by the FDA for a product i've worked on. it's bound to happen sometime so why not now i suppose.

happy thursday.


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