how could i have gone faster

i finally rode in this morning. my legs feel great - my tailbone/lower back no so much. but i was thinking about how i could have gone faster. my fitness is good (for me) but i think i was held back a little by technical riding (i just don't ride my mtb enough) and my upper body getting fatigued. i really felt like i should be turning 48-49 minute laps and was mostly over 50. i know, splitting hairs but that ends up being 8-10 minutes over the 7 laps i did. still probably not enough to catch first place - they were moving.

calvin is with his grandma. we met in mauston for some delicious (read: terrible for you) food at culvers and then they were off. he had no hesitation which made us very happy (he seemed pretty stoked that he was going on vacation while we were not). lucky boy! i'm sure granny will spoil him rotten.

i'm going to add on a little tonight but then i need to mow the lawn. there are spots that are pretty much dead and others that look like they are a foot deep. real attractive. mix in a heavy amount of weeds and you've got yourself a real redneck type lawn. i'd also like to get some things moved back into place now that the flooring is finished. we'll see about that...

happy thursday.


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