added on a little bit last night but not my normal monday ride home. we had to meet up with our carpet people to finalize our order - that is right, we committed and should have our new fibers in place by mid september. instantly i have had buyers remorse. it takes us so damn long to make a decision that once we do, i need something to worry. it'll look bad to my eyes the first night and then look great after that. not sure why that happens, but no matter what we do i dislike it the first 12 hours (paint color, wood floor color, etc.).

not feeling the best today. next up in my attempt to correct my gut issues: accupuncture. worth a shot!

my motobecane re-gear project hit a snag last night. mostly, the snag is that i'm a dunderhead. sram is subtly different than shimano at set up, and apparently subtlety is lost on me.

happy tuesday.


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