here we go (again)

riding in this morning was a dream. hardly any traffic, nice weather (feels like early fall, hot but with low humidity and leaves starting to turn) and i felt pretty good on the bike. the problem is that this is exactly what happened last year - the calm before the storm. even though retailers have made people thing that school started back up again in july, i think most people are in denial. reality hits home tuesday morning - and that means more cars during my commute and, at least for a month or so, people driving like they are bat-shit crazy. something to look forward to!

the moto is very close. i put the ea50 clinchers on it, adjusted the shifting a little bit (which is better but not great), and am just waiting to have robin sit on it and verify position before i wrap the bars (she picked out a nice bright green which i think will look pretty sick). solid! i put the bontrager tubular wheelset on my november bike in anticipation of us getting out sometime this weekend to practice dismounts/remounts as a family. i'm also ready to glue my eastons up with the racing ralphs. i'm hopeful that i'll have it done ahead of next weekend but if i don't, they will be ready by lake geneva (if i do that race) and certainly usgp (if that race happens). lots of if's on the race schedule front...

cal and i did a 'long' ride last night. he is an amazing little creature. we were crossing the street and he was going pretty fast - he missed the crosswalk ramp and instead hit the curb which caused him to full on endo, landing on his elbows. he was bleeding and it looked like it would have hurt pretty bad. he cried a very little bit - when i suggested we go home instead of finishing our ride he immediately stopped crying, wiped his tears away, picked up his bike and said he was ready to keep going. i probably would have gone home after that!

the weekend is (almost) here. i'm not looking forward to stripping the deck, but i am looking forward to it being done!

happy friday.


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