clean house

yesterday was a pretty full day with work, my appointment, calvin and then house cleaning ahead of my in-laws arrival. it's all in the books and our house is really shaping up - the carpet order goes in today which will finish the deal so to speak. robin killed it earlier this week - she stained the entire front porch by herself. there are worse ways to spend a day off of work than being outside on a day in the 70's, but certainly there are better things to be doing! the deck is still a burden that we need to do something with...labor day weekend is looking like a candidate for that work. all i can say about that is yuck.

normal commute yesterday. normal commute today. 50 miles figure eighting the lakes tomorrow. sunday - not so sure yet.

this lance armstrong thing is something else. i guess they got their guy but i sure wish it was more definitive. i mean, the way i see it, the basis for these current charges are testimony from a bunch of other cheats who had a very vested interest in the punishment offer - namely, a really stupid 6 month suspension aligned with the cycling off-season. i know this happens in the legal system all the time but if you are going to put that many resources into catching someone, i sure wish there was more substantial evidence than testimony from crazy former riders (landis, hamilton) and current riders who don't want to end their careers just yet. plea deals for this type of a thing seems to be in-congruent with the goal of 100% clean sport (you are a rat but a smaller rat so if you talk we'll let you race again). but, what is done is done. hopefully now the usada can focus on people trying to dope now in real time instead of chasing ghosts from years past.

usgp sun praire moved its registration again, now on wednesday of next week. sponsorship/licensing issues. there has been zero press regarding the so called 'usa national cyclocross series' about any of this which i find odd. i'm not looking for nytimes to cover the story or anything like that, but you would think maybe cx magazine or velonews would be reporting on it. what do i know about partying or anything else?

happy friday.


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