i've got a cramp in (moons over) my hammy!

riding home last night i noticed some dude on a road bike jamming pretty good to try and catch up to me. i was riding my normal pace but nothing to major. he caught me, did the requisite roadie temporary draft without saying a word, then came around me without as much as a look to the side. he picked the wrong time to pass me - we were approaching a good sized hill that my 36x16 is well suited for so i sat on (i could have passed him back). he was pretty winded from the 'chase' and the hill and i was able to ride his wheel easily until we parted was at timber lane. he looked surprised i was there. the moral of the story? not sure except don't judge a single speed cross tire clad bike on the road by its cover. oh, and roadies are annoying.

i was spinning pretty good on the downhills to keep up and i ended up with a weird hamstring/calf cramp. so i guess the joke is on me. extended my ride home via the military ridge trail and then set about cleaning up the yard. it has been months since i've mowed (literally) and the yard is looking pretty rough after the long hot/dry stretch. i care less and less about how it looks but would like a nice playing surface for cal. hopefully it grows back (at least in the back yard).

i don't want to be at work today. what's new, right?

happy friday.


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