well, in what seemed like an improbable whirlwind the usgp registration went live yesterday at five. when i found out, i immediately closed my computer and headed for home. i channeled my inner triathlete (my fully clothed to bike transition was faster than a lot of peoples swim to bike) and made it home with 2 minutes to spare. i'm in, but it was amazing how many others were also in at such short notice. i guess that is a good thing. i opted for the 35+, it is the best time slot for hanging out and watching the pros race and it's my racing class at nationals so it felt funny thinking about doing the elite 2/3 race instead. i'm going to get worked (it is cats 1,2,3) but that is how you get faster, right?

other than that, tried to get organized for the weekend. bikes are ready, bag is packed. just load up and go.

happy friday.


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