saturday calvin and i headed to a fire station open house in verona. little boys love that stuff and i must admit i was into it too. we got there ahead of the crowds and i was able to talk to a few of the fire fighters and learned some things. calvin shot a fire hose, sat in fire trucks and (the bonus) watched a med flight helicopter land. it was pretty cool! spent the rest of the running errands, planting grass, riding bikes and getting the house ready for carpet installation. so far so good but i'm sure it will come down to the wire. the weather was great and i spent more than a few minutes thinking about fat tire.

sunday was the lake geneva cross tilt. robin made her cat 4 wca debut and crushed it. i'm very proud of her for getting out and pushing through her comfort level. racing is hard, especially cross racing and she is really impressing me with her ability to just jump right in. i think the chain on her bike is a bit too long - she dropped it during the race which has been a problem. hmmm, as the chief mechanic that is on me.

my race was great - i'm super pumped with how i'm currently riding. i weaseled my way to the front of the group when lining up. go was yelled and we were off, it was a paved uphill and maciej was off to hit the hole shot. i tucked in behind marc and let the madness ensue. half way through the second lap (on the gravel hill) i went around marc and just started catching and passing people. i knew it was going good when i passed and dropped maciej - probably the first time that has ever happened! by the last couple of laps i was very slowly reeling in melcher - again, a first for me. he ended up getting the win about 10-15 seconds ahead of me but a strong 2nd place. my first masters 35+ podi and i scored $75 for the effort. that paid for the day including r's racing and gas - bomber!

i'm really looking forward to gp this weekend. but, before i get there i have a very busy week in front of me. work is at an all time high with regards to things to do and there is the carpet installation on wednesday (which means we have to move most everything out of our main living spaces). i'll be happy when all these house projects are done!

m: 0 (deck staining)
t: 1:15 (commute)
w: 2:30 (commute/cx practice)
r: 1:15 (commute)
f: 0 (planned rest)
s: 1:20 (moderate road)
n: 1:45 (race day)
total: around 8 hours

and, a 'podium' shot:

happy monday.


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