live what you love

long day yesterday. sometimes you have 'it' and sometimes you don't. on several fronts, i certainly did not have 'it.' but today is a new day.

i did manage to extend my ride home last night which had become a monday tradition that i haven't been able to do the past few weeks. road bike on the military ridge was fine although a little wider tread wouldn't be un-welcomed. the problem is that my klein road frame is pretty limited on clearance.

we spent some time putting the last bits of our house back together after our summer of refurbishments. it all looks nice and i'm glad that we are done for a bit. hopefully, some of what we did gives a little value enhancement as we are in the midst of a re-finance (appraisal today) although that wasn't why we did any of it.

over the past few years, i've gravitated away from the nfl. the games feel tedious to me and there are better things to be spending my time on. i do still watch the packer games when i'm able but i may phase that out as well. boy these replacement refs are terrible.

happy tuesday.


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