moving freight

busy day yesterday but managed to squeeze a ride in after a meeting we had with our financial planner. 1:10 and i finished in pretty much the dark. it was getting close to sunset and it was very overcast so i guess i should have anticipated. anyway, i was happy to get out. my legs felt remarkably good considering that i felt like i gave a pretty good effort on sunday. bodes well for day 2 of USGP i guess.

moved a bunch more stuff ahead of carpet installation. tonight is the stretch run and then it is game time.

riding in this morning there was a nice chill in the air, the sun angles were different than just a few days ago and my wool over shirt wasn't too much clothes. man i love me some fall and this was a great early fall morning.

on my ride in i had the thomas the tank engine theme song in my head. file that under the costs of having a little boy!

i snagged these from our friend kate (thanks kate) from the race sunday:

the white metal jersey with the dark metal shorts is a solid combo. the past two seasons worth of twin six metal kits are pretty interchangeable - we are like the football oregon ducks of cycling!

happy tuesday.


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