pack and deliver, park fuzz

my bike habit has been monopolizing my time this week. that should be close to ending now that i've gotten the rear wheel glued up. the second time was a charm, i got it on straight and true. i was telling ron last night that if i had the opportunity to do just a few more sets i feel like i'd have a pretty good grasp on the process. but, it's done - hopefully this glue job will hold for the next couple of years (and that i don't have any catastrophic flat tires).

the glue session followed cross practice which was cut short by a park ranger shutting us down. after all these years in garner park, the powers that be finally put the kibash on the event. i understand, it is (semi)-organized with course markings so there should be a permit. but we were pretty big the past few years and never a word so i'm wondering what happened this year. oh well, it was a beautiful night and what riding robin was able to do got her thinking that a real race might be in order (sweet).

tonight is weekend prep. pre-pack the car, get my wheels/bikes ready (lube chains, swap wheels, etc.) and then it is go time!

happy thursday.


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