i heart 3 day weekends at home

man we had a great weekend!

friday, as is my company's tradition, i was 'released' at 3 on friday and i took full advantage riding 2 hours before getting the calvinator. got some hills and felt OK riding. we headed to farm and fleet to get supplies for what i planned to do saturday: strip the deck. this is something i've been dreading but it went pretty good compared to prior attempts. i used deck cleaner (essentially a weak basic solution) and a power washer. it took 8 hours on saturday and another 1.5 on monday but it is looking pretty good and ready to accept stain. we'll let it dry out through the weekend and then (hopefully) get some stain on it next monday. i was pretty beat (back and hamstrings) when i was done but it felt good to be done. we had a local feast saturday night (beef from black earth meats and corn from our csa) and spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

sunday, we got up and had breakfast. squeezed in workouts and then took cal to the brewer game. lots of action (the ball was flying out) which meant a long game. calvin toughed it out and was rewarded by running the bases. man he loves baseball!

monday i worked on finishing the deck prep while r/c ran errands. then, we headed to don's to shop for a big boy bed for cal. we haven't moved him out of his crib yet because he is pretty content in it, but he'll be 3 in a few months and that seems too old to be in a crib. we found a nice one - their furniture is so nice there - i'm hoping this bed will last through adolescence. we came back home and all headed down to the park to practice cross (hoenisch cross clinic). calvin is really good at remounts - he just hops on his little stride bike without fear. robin got pretty good too in our limited time. she did some more riding at badger prairie while i got cal down for a nap. then i headed out to badger praire to do some hard riding. i used the bontis w/limus tubulars to really test the glue job out. they are bomber. closed out the holiday with some raspberry picking, pizza and gluing up tubulars. what a great 3 day weekend!

m: 1:30 (commute)
t: 1:10 (commute)
w: 2:00 (commute/cx practice)
r: 0:25 (3 miles of running)
f: 2:00 (commute, long add on)
s: 0 (deck work)
n: 1:15 (road ride)
total: 8:15

not bad. a good week for cross season - which, since i signed up for my first cx race this morning it is officially cross season i guess! 80 minutes is sounding pretty rough but it will be a good check.

happy tuesday.


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