more on the weekend

saturday was my first race on the new november build (including my first and only ride on the self glued racing ralph tubulars/ea70x wheelset) and first impressions are that the bike ripped. now, i'm feeling like i'm in pretty good bike shape at the moment but the bike was fun. check that, FUN. the glue job feels solid and doesn't appear to have taken any damage from racing. i worked them hard and they kept coming back for more. the bike itself is so light and so stiff that i still am surprised when i pedal it. will this win me usgp 35+? hell no, but it is enhancing my enjoyment so that makes it worth the investment. i'm so excited to race again on sunday!

training for last week:

m: 1:15 (cross skills practice, hard laps at badger prairie)
t: 1:10 (commute)
w: 1:30 (to, at and from cx practice)
r: 1:00 (commute)
f: 1:10 (commute)
s: 2:00 (includes warm up and 80 minute race, 1st place!)
n: 0
total: 8:05

back to work.


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