good day of riding

rode to work yesterday on my road bike. took my long commute home, swapped my road machine for the cross race bike and headed to badger prairie for practice. i did the warm up and first set of hard laps. by that time robin was ready to rock so cal and i did barrier drills while robin shredded it. then, i finished up with the last set of hard laps. 2.5 solid hours of riding. bonus is that it wasn't raining this morning so i was able to ride in.

practice yesterday wasn't great - there were a lot of park users out which makes me a little nervous. one guy was bent that we were all riding on the ice age trail - this is a section that is combined with bike path so he was 100% wrong but it's all about perception. then, of all people, a couple of old guy mountain bikers were really pissed that we were riding in the "wrong direction." i mean absolutely pissed off. they backed off when they saw our numbers but again, if you are mad enough to yell then you are probably mad enough to complain to a parks entity. i hope not.

these practices are nice and it is good to ride with like minded people but it is getting to the point where i think i might start 'doing my own thing.' i'd like to start doing intervals anyway, so maybe doing that and avoiding the stress might be the ticket - especially now that racing has started up. what we need is a swath of private land with a dedicated cross track. fat chance!

i have a call with a belgian client in an hour or so. i wonder if he is a cx fan?

happy thursday.


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