pins and needles (east meets west)

yesterday was an odd day. from time to time i mention my 'issues' that i have with feeling poorly. it started off being what seemed like food sensitivities but over the past several years has started happening more and more without obvious cause. i've been to doctors to talk about it but all my measured values make me appear healthy and i'm sent on my way. i totally understand that - when i look around waiting rooms it is clear that me saying i don't feel all that well but having bp of 100/65 and a heart rate under 60 with normal blood work just doesn't get the attention with all of the train wrecks amongst us. my 'ill' is not measurable.

after talking with a friend, i went to see an acupuncturist yesterday. after speaking with her (in broken english) for 5 minutes, she definitively said 'colon' and before i knew it i had 30 needles in my stomach, head/face, hands/arms and feet. it was surreal to say the least. as i sat there letting the needles do their work, i felt nothing except for a very brief (5 to 10 seconds) period of relaxation. then, she sent me on my way with a couple of herbal supplements and told me to come back on monday. i left trying to remain open minded. at one point in the afternoon, i had another momentary period where it felt like my GI system collectively relaxed but besides that i didn't feel much different. i had another appointment in the afternoon for a follow up visit and it was completely different. you look fine, we'll do more tests to make sure, if they look ok we'll just leave you be.

this morning i have been experiencing waves of what feels like my lower GI progressively relaxing. maybe it is placebo effect but it is very real and at times intense. i'm hopeful that this will help me feel better and i'm happy that i have initiated the process. i will keep this blog posted with subsequent visits to the acupuncturist.

after my appointments, i was feeling pretty beat but took advantage of my free hour by heading out for another run. i felt really good and even compared to tuesday my 'running legs' felt better. it was only 35 minutes or so on a mix of trail/pavement but i would call it progress.

this weekend we are attending a wedding for my cousin in wausau. the east troy twilight races sure sound fun but it will be good to see that side of the family. tonight we are heading to gresham and then on to wausau tomorrow. we are bringing the bikes so we can ride in the morning - i'm looking forward to riding with my bride!

happy friday.


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