second verse (same as the first)

feeling tired but motivated this morning. unfortunately, i'm feeling motivated to work on home projects and not work projects. oh well. i rode the road bike in this morning - my plan is to ride home, switch bikes and then head to badger prairie where this week's cross practice is being staged. i'm interested to see the turn out on the far reaches of the southwest side. as far as i'm concerned, garner practice is done for 2012 and possibly forever. i'm just glad it isn't ron and i setting up courses anymore...

fat tire is this weekend and it is always hard for me not to feel nostalgic - especially on years i'm not doing the race. to me, fat tire epitomizes everything about a really great race and i'm going to miss that. but even more, i'm going to miss my friends and teammates - there is something about the afternoon/night after fat tire that is really hard to beat. oh well, maybe next year?

happy wednesday.


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