what it do

now that was a great all around weekend.

saturday we were up early and out the door for breakfast at marigold kitchen. off to the overture center for kids in the rotunda which cal digs. a little walking around and then home just in time for a visit from our friend chuck and his two kids. cal went down for a nap and i braved the wind for 2.5 hours on the bike. i purposely chose wide open spaces and power climbs to fully take advantage of the sustained 25 mph winds. sw dane county (south of fitchburg/verona) is an area i really haven't utilized much but boy can you make your eyes bleed. capped the day off with burgers (w/a fried egg on top) and some down time.

sunday, we had blueberry pancakes and then it was off to a sheep farm to see some lambs. there were also pigs, rabbits, chickens, turkeys and calves so cal was pretty happy. i made it out for 45 minutes of trail running to cap off a solid week in march.

m: 0:45 (run)
t: 1:00 (bike commute)
w: 1:00 (bike commute)
r: 1:40 (bike commute/long way home)
f: off
s: 2:30 (road bike)
n: 0:45 (trail run)
total: 7:40

i'll take that. robin heads to washinton dc this week so it'll be just the boys for a few days. i'm contemplating taking a day off (maybe friday) to take advantage of this weather (and because i won't be able to bike commute r/f or monday).

and, no ride in this morning. it was pretty wet from overnight rain. oh well, hopefully i'll get to resume the practice tuesday/wednesday this week.

happy monday.


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