i was in love with a place

there is a lyric from a sufjan stevens song that i really like:

"i was in love with a place, in my mind. i make a lot of mistakes, in my mind."

it got me wondering about how often we do this stuff (we being humans) everyday. you know, spending too much time thinking about how things could be different/better in a hypothetical sense rather than focusing on the plenty of good in the actual sense. i know i do it often. i rode in this morning and this song flashed across my ipod and it got me thinking. i love music and how a single song can change my outlook on a day.

after dinner and cal's bedtime i was feeling a little spry. so, i threw some running gear on and was going to do an easy 6. as soon as i was about to start a pretty strong cell blew through with lightening and driving rain. so i opted out. i mean, it is march and i'd already logged an hour of bike time so it was just missing out on bonus time.

sorry, this is all over the place this morning.

happy thursday.


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