settle down

it has been about a year since my crash that put me in the er. my wrist pain/stiffness subsided a month or two ago (once i stopped racing cross - who would have thought?) and final bit of dental repair was completed in january. i still haven't posted a photo from the crash - if i think of it i'll put one up tonight.

the reason i mention it is that any training i'm able to do over the next 2-3 months will be bonus when compared to last year. i wasn't right for quite awhile following and didn't do a whole lot of anything during those months.

i'm not feeling so hot this morning and it was pretty cold (34) when it was time to leave - but even though i could come up with a couple of decent excuses i told all of them to shut up. i rode in this morning anyway. i ride in at the same time on the same route every day - i don't understand how traffic can vary so much for no apparent reason. i also don't understand why people panic/get so angry while driving in traffic.

happy thursday.


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