a good week of summer training (in march)

i know i've strung a good week of training together when i fall asleep on the couch - last night i was asleep by 9:30.

m: 1:00 (road ride)
t: 1:15 (single speed commute/add on)
w: 1:15 (single speed commute/add on)
r: 0
f: 3:40 (65 miles w/hills)
s: 1:40 (to, through (a couple of times) and back from the tunnel w/trailer/cal
n: 0
total: 8:50

today i might still go for a cruise with cal again but it won't be substantial. i mean, it's march and my fish get fried starting the end of july. 9 hours with two zeros is big time for me these days.

cal and i got up nice and early again this morning. i made us waffles (not the frozen kind) and then we headed to the zoo. he ran from exhibit to exhibit. then we went for a walk along lake wingra. when we got home, i raked the front yard while he ran some more and jumped off the retaining wall. needless to say, he was ready for his nap time. frankly, i was too.

happy (with melancholy undertones) sunday.

(i love you grandpa)


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