no ride in for me today. it was raining, chilly, i am not feeling the best and frankly i wasn't organized enough to track down my rain gear. i had ridden in two full work weeks in a row so i guess missing one day isn't so bad. the problem is that thursdays are robin's day to do things after work (usually a group ride with the local luna chix) - so if i don't ride in then i don't ride at all on thursdays. oh well, a zero in the log.

i'm getting the bug to start building up my cyclocross race bike. the problem is that i don't have the frameset yet. i've also been going back and forth in my mind on my wheel/tire set ups for cross this year. i have a bontrager race x-lite front/race xxx lite rear that are currently glued with challenge limus tires. i also ended up getting a great deal on an easton ea70x wheelset and have racing ralph tubbies on the way. i was going to leave the limus tires on the bontragers and have that as my spare, but the more i look/handle the bontrager wheelset the more i want it to be the primary race wheels. so, i'm now thinking i'm going to peel the limus tires off and glue the schwalbes on the bontragers. i'll then put the limus tires on the easton wheelset. it's more work that way but i think i'll be the happiest with the end result (the bontis are so damn light!). i'm on the fence with regards to using belgian tape - some say you absolutely need it for cross - others are not so definitive. hmmmm, i'm open to comments on this one.

sometimes i feel a little guilty about how much mental energy and money i put towards my bike hobby. i know i don't spend nearly as much as some, but it does seem ridiculous at times. but, i work hard and we have a busy life so i guess it is good to have an outlet.

happy thursday.


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