not it

woke up feeling like crap. oh well, the silver lining is that i'll allow myself one extra cup of coffee since that gives me temporary relief. also, i get to 'go long' tonight on the bike after work as robin is picking up the boy. one of these days i need to sit down and really formalize a training plan. generally speaking, i know that i will start doing formal workouts soon but how soon depends on when my racing schedule starts to ramp up. i'm still thinking of a 12 week cycle ending around usgp, 3 weeks of relative down time, and then another 12 weeker with the goal to peak at nationals. it all seems like a long way away but 12 weeks out from usgp is in june i believe. and june will be here tomorrow with how fast time has been moving.

my wheels i bought off of ebay still haven't arrived. for that matter, i haven't received shipping notification nor has the seller responded to my email inquiry. i'm going to wait through the weekend but if i get nothing i'll need to figure what to do through ebay i suppose. this is the main reason i haven't been a big ebay purchaser in the past. i have had limited experiences and all up to this point have been good so i guess i should try to remember that. the seller is in portland so maybe he left for a few weeks on a spirit quest on mt hood or something.

happy thursday.


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