driving it

i needed that.

my weekend started early - when i got to work friday morning i noticed my outlook calendar was wide open. i managed to bust out some things that have been on my list for some time so i took the opportunity to get out of dodge early. i was able to do a little extra riding on my way home and then mow the lawn before getting the cal bear.

saturday, we had a nice lazy morning, did a little shopping at rei, had lunch and then i was off to play golf in a 4 man scramble at the norsk in mt. horeb. we shot a 57 and tied for first. even better, i hit some unbelievable shots (and won a closest to the pin hole prize) considering this was my first time out. i love scrambles because there really is no pressure - especially when you are playing with some decent golfers. the downside was it took forever to play and i ended up eating culvers for dinner at 9:45 - yikes.

sunday i made waffles and then got my bike ready. since the weather turned out opposite of the predictions (not sure why i even check anymore), i did the willy street crit. that course was super fun and i spent the entire 40 minutes either in the first 10 riders, sprinting for prems or in a break. i'm using these to develop high end power that i was missing in cross so mission accomplished. of course, this strategy means that by the finale i have tired legs. i finished 16th out of 50 in the 35+ 4/5 so not too bad. and, i managed to hit 198 bpm two different times out there.

wrapped up the weekend with some domestic tasks (costco, grocery shopping, dinner) and a quiet night on the couch. a great weekend.

m: 1:30 (commute)
t: 2:30 (commute/road ride)
w: 1:15 (commute)
r: 1:15 (commute)
f: 1:30 (commute)
s: 0
n: 1:30 (willy street crit/rode to the race from home)
total: 9:30

happy monday.


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