4 great days

friday calvin and i went to the zoo, ran some errands and did some playing. we met with his daycare providers to talk about how he is doing and then had a nice quiet night ahead of what we thought was going to be 10 miles of hell at blue mounds.

however, that wasn't meant to be. thunder and driving rain came through the region early saturday morning and persisted through the scheduled race time. the race was canceled which really is a bummer as i was banking on the intensity but what can you do? i know what we did - we took the opportunity to take my mom to breakfast and do some shopping (good shopping - first rei and then the flower factory for perennials). later in the afternoon i was able go for a nice 2 hour ride with my bride while my mom started digging up our prepping our garden for the new flowers. it was a lot of work and robin did a bunch more once we got back. my mom had brought along a sammy's pizza that we cooked up and had for dinner (yum). then, robin and i got out for coffee and some live music saturday night. it was nice to have some time with r.

sunday was hot. egg sammys fueled our morning. we spent some time at the union terrace and then off to brat fest. the heat must have been keeping people away because it wasn't too crowded. during nap time r and my mom went shopping which meant i got to spend some quality time doing absolutely nothing in the cool basement. then, dinner outside at sprecher's before my mom hit the road. it was a really nice visit and the bonus was that we all got one more day off!

yesterday we headed to cross plains for the parade with the k-crew. calvin is at the age where parades are about as cool as anything. i mean there is candy, firetrucks, tractors and candy! i managed a ride on the motobecane in the afternoon. i wasn't feeling it so i ventured to the military ridge trail. once i got there i was feeling it so i headed to quarry ridge to do some trail riding. not the best equipment choice but do-able (i got a few funny looks). it was enough fun to prompt me to re-cable and re-stans my kona so it is ready for the next time i feel like riding trails! anyway, i ended ride w/ a little riding at badger prairie. boy, that place is overgrown. i guess that is good - you really can't tell that there was a bike race there that seemed to tear everything up!

training log:
m: 1:30 (commute w/add on)
t: 2:00 (commute w/add on)
w: 1:15 (commute)
r: 1:15 (commute)
f: 0
s: 2:00 (road w/robin)
n: 0
total: 8:00

i don't feel too bad about being back at work. i guess that means it was a nice break.

happy tuesday.


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