everybody dance to the rythm

took advantage of the very nice weather and added on a bit last night. i have really become attached to the single speed - especially for commuting and on the bike paths. rode the military ridge as part of my loop home and had fun keeping the cadence high while in the drops. i'm trying to become more accustomed to different hand positions - riding on the hoods doesn't feel like the fastest position and that is where i have spent most of my time in cross races.

tonight will be a road ride on the klein. i'm going to try and find a few hills to ride.

and in my wheel saga - i opened a case through ebay. a few hours later i finally heard back from the seller that the wheels shipped and that i would get the tracking number later. i didn't receive a tracking number so i'm dubious. but, at least i heard something. this headache will be worth it in the end if i actually do get these wheels as i bought them for a steal.

happy tuesday.


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