train wreck

we had a great weekend. 9 hours on I-94 was more than worth it to see family in EC and friends in the Twin Cities. i love the twin cities and get wander lust a little bit every time i roll through.

we got back late on sunday which put me behind the 8 ball a little on monday. tough day at work (here until 6:30), a little time with the fam, a trainer session and then i started to get that achy feeling you do when a cold is setting in. yesterday was another toughy work wise and i ended up with a cold. i feel pretty crappy and would have liked to stay home today but 1) it is the last day of the month which means i have business obligations, 2) i have a dentist appointment and 3) i have a client conference call.

anyway, it is what it is and i just need to push through.

training from last week was down a little due to travel:

m: 1:00 (trainer)
t: 1:00 (trainer)
w: 0:45 (trail running)
r: 1:00 (trainer)
s: 0:50 (7 miles running in EC)
total: 4.5 hours

nothing last night as i felt like crapola. as long as it doesn't progress i'll probably try to at least spin a little tonight.

happy wednesday.


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