how many ways?

friday's are really cool around 3 or 4 o'clock or if you have them off. but i've got many a task i am not looking forward to between then and now so...why not procrastinate a little and update the blog? that was rhetorical...

got out for a run last night and felt night and day different than the night prior. dare i say i almost felt spry. 6 miles on my hilly loop felt GOOD. i'm really hoping i can carve out a couple of hours to ride the single speed a little this weekend. you know, got to know it a little better. i've also been working here and there to re-organize/reduce our 'stuff' load in the basement and i'd like to continue. i have a fair amount of things i'd like to sell - i wish craig's list wasn't so damn creepy. we're going to see ira glass tomorrow night so that should be cool too. and, maybe we'll take cal to the train show on sunday - i know a certain little boy who would love that.

happy friday.


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