31 January 2007

a year or two.

i ran last night for about 50 minutes and it didn't hurt that much. my ankle is a bit sore this morning, but i think that the foam roller and interspersed bike workouts are helping. i do think i also need a new pair of shoes. after analyzing my running gait (ie: watching my feet for a while) it seems i may supinate a little, staying mostly on the outside of my foot throughout the footstrike event. that would maybe explain my outer leg problems i've had since...oh...i can remember.

i thought i read somewhere that to counteract supination one would want a lighterweight training shoe...anyone know anything about that (pat)?

other than that, robin was at work late last night leaving me to my own devices. i cleaned up the house a little but did the inevitable...played college football on the ps2. what can i say, i'm a sucker for a route of northwestern.

still no word on grad school. i know i'm obsessing, it's only been a couple of days. still...i'm nervous.

30 January 2007

shovel this

the one nice thing about overnight snow is that i leave the house with a sense of accomplishment. that being, clearing the driveway.

the bad thing is, well, clearing the driveway.

last night was quiet. i got an hour on the trainer and hit the weights. we watched a show about a family with 14 children. damn, that is about 7-14 times the kids i would ever want running around my house. how can you possibly nurture a family that large? i'd say more power to them but they should stop. now. but they probably won't.

my graduate application is complete. now it's waiting to see if i get an interview.

29 January 2007

barely a vapor.

monday morning came cold this week and i'm feeling the tired contentment of a nice weekend. friday night was the company wide party, and it was fun but was sandwiched between a little personal drama.

friday afternoon there was a company meeting off site. i was riding with a few friends, one of whom smokes and was wrapping that up. so ron and i were doing the most natural thing...throwing snowballs at the sign on the metal building in back. my aim, it was true that afternoon. one hit. two hits. third time is a charm, so i went for it. i wound up, releasing the snow ball on its trajectory. before the snowball hit, a distinct metal on metal noise could be heard. i looked down on my throwing hand (left hand) and where there was once a ring there wasn't anymore. fuck. we spent some time looking for it to no avail, and that was what i thought about during the company meeting (a welcome distraction actually...the hollow pit in my stomach was much better than listening to the small molecule group talk about how well they've done this year).

saturday morning i awoke feeling slightly hung over. i rented a metal detector and ron met me back at work. it took a while to dial in the detector, but we found the ring and celebrated with a stiff coffee. all was good in the land of andy.

nothing like keeping life interesting, even if it is artificially. sunday was relaxing. warm soup, badgers in hi-def, i finished the divinci code, and laying in front of the fireplace with a dog named oliver. not bad at all.

happy monday.

26 January 2007

it's a fine morning for...

...not being at work. alas, i am here so i might as well make the most of it. today is the day we have our mandatory all-madison meeting. they'll tell us how many millions of dollars we made the company...but that we didn't hit our projections. so, even though we made money hand over fist compared to last year, we didn't meet our goals. so bonuses won't be as good. or something along those lines. i'm not complaining, it's just how it works.

anyway, after that it's off to the annual holiday party. yes, the one that was temporarily cancelled because of reasons our CEO was cryptic about. free drink, dinner and raffle...i can't complain. well, i can complain but not about that.

hit the trainer and weights last night. felt good and if i keep lifting like i am i should be ripped in about 26 years. beefcake!

oliver loves the vet. he gets treats thrown at him like crazy because he is a bit...hmmm...unruly. he is a svelt 54.5 lbs and does in fact have himself an eye infection. he doesn't fight too hard when the eye drops go in. we also ponied up for the nail clipping because we can't do it. well, we can but we end up with blood all over the place.

happy friday.

25 January 2007

faced with the dodo's conundrum.

last night i snowshoed for an hour...i always forget what good workout snowshoeing is. i didn't cover much ground, but that doesn't matter...i got a nice workout (as did oliver).

speaking of oliver, poor guy has some sort of eye infection. hopefully it's not going to warrant a trip to the vet, but since we're calling them about it they'll probably say to come in. then they'll give him something for it. and we'll be out another $100.

i'm digging the shins album. that is one thing about my job...i can do it with earbuds in my ear most of the day. and yesterday i just kept listening to the shins. the lyric's are great. "your nightmares only need a year or two to unfold." for some reason i like that one. what does that say about me? don't answer. "let's carve my aging face off, fetch us a knife. start with my eyes, down so the lines form a grimacing smile."

actually, the earbud thing is sometimes bad. because sometimes i listen to elliot smith at work. and the line "you say you mean well...you don't know what you mean. fucking outta stay the hell away from things you know nothing about" and i look around at the people that i work with and i feel like exploding.

i try not to listen to elliot smith at work much anymore.

24 January 2007

make sinking stones fly

last nights run felt better than any i've done for a few weeks. since before the holidays for sure, and that has me feeling a little better about what i've been doing, ie, not running much. my right knee was still sore, but the foot pain was gone and the hip was a-ok.

the new shins album came out yesterday, and while i've only listened to it briefly, i'm liking it. i really enjoy it when a band evolves, develops into something slightly different while still keeping what makes them unique.

i have to go to the dentist this morning. joy. i hate the dentist.

23 January 2007

city maps and hand claps.

i am still waiting on a letter of recommendation from my current boss. i've told her several times now that the sooner the better, even going so far as telling her it needed to be done by this past weekend. it's a bit of a slippery slope, do i push push push? it's disheartening, working long days...coming in on the weekend to meet her deadlines, yet, the effort is not reciprocated.

i rode the trainer last night and did a bunch of upper body strength work. everytime i'm on the trainer lately i think about ironman. the plan a few years back was to do a few 1/2 ironmen. then, run a marathon. then, complete (or atempt to complete) ironman wisconsin. hmmm. that feels like light years away...i can't even sustain 50 running miles per week right now. but it's january, and i've got a lot of time between now and september 2008.

dog adolescence sucks. oliver is not only driving us nuts, he is driving himself nuts. his little body is full of hormones, and he is constantly giving us looks like he cannot help himself from being a naughty little guy. i miss our old dog, he is in there somewhere. i thought that we needed a lot of patience during his first year, but if this is any indication...his second year will require even more. it's worth it though, because when he is able to calm down, he is a great dog.

well, time to get to work. after all, i've got deadlines to meet...

22 January 2007

freshy pow...

...and oliver and i were loving it. after my stint at work i managed to hit the snowshoes with my pet dog in tow. litterally for the first few miles. he kept looking at me and then the snowshoes and then back at me. and then he'd step on the snowshoes. then we'd start the whole thing over again. he was a pro by the end though, bounding through the snow like a crazed dog on puppy uppers. it was fun and a nice core/base workout to boot. my foot/ankle seems to be on the mend. i picked up a foam roller and rolled out my i.t. band. um, it hurt as much as i thought it might but it's not sore today so i think it helped a little.

monday again...imagine that.

21 January 2007


a rare weekend update...must be the white out conditions outside. my plan for the day is to wake up, read by the fire and eat scones/drink coffee (check), hit the madison car show, go to work for a few hours (damn it) and then bust out the snowshoes in the maiden voyage of 2007. snowshoes are a semi-annual ritual around these parts...ie you are lucky to use them more than once a season. today is the day.

yesterday i did a workout on the trainer. to get my heartrate up without really pushing my legs, i did dumbell work every 15 minutes. it turned into a pretty good workout and the swissball situps i did i'm feeling right now (due to the expansion from said scone eating).

we also went to the 'endurance house' grand opening. actually, we went 3 times. they were doing raffles every hour and so we gave it a go a couple of times. i missed winning a 450 dollar zoot wetsuit by 1 number. oh well. i also didn't win the zipp wheels grand prize. a douchebag from my masters swimming class a few years ago won. oh well, those 303 or 404 clinchers would have been nice, but they are pretty high end for this bike slacker.

off to enjoy (mostly) my snowy sunday...

19 January 2007

one by one...

friday. i'm hoping to not have to come into work at all over the weekend, here's to everything going well today.

the other night i went for a run, no big deal. 6.5 miles or something like that. came home, did my core stuff. ate dinner and when i got up a shooting pain went through my left ankle. like no weight bearing pain. it got a little better but has been sore since. i didn't run last night and this morning it still hurts. man i hope this is all just adaptation to running because it could be a long build up to twin cities if this is how it goes.

if time permits i'll hop on the trainer tonight to test it/get a little bit of cardio stimulation. then hopefully i can run a little over the weekend.

we're supposed to get 3 to 4 more inches of snow on sunday...that would almost be enough to get me out on the skis...and maybe even the snowshoes (ankle permitting).

the madison car show is this weekend. we went last year and had more fun than we thought we would. needless to say, we're going again tomorrow.

other than that, i would really like to sleep a little this weekend. i've been super tired getting up every morning this week.

happy friday.

18 January 2007

snow dog

oliver loves the white stuff...

17 January 2007

when i goosestep.

i had my review at work yesterday. my boss told me that if i was working here in two years she would fire me. believe it or not it was her way of complimenting me. now if only she would get my letter of recommendation in... if i do make into grad school, she said that working 4 10 hour days was a definate possibility.

i only ran 6 miles last night...i forgot how that first cold day feels on the lungs. i felt like i was running at altitude. i guess that is a good thing.

there is a new 'endurance store' in town. they are trying to capture the booming triathlete market around madison. they have biking, running and swimming gear. it's a nice enough place carrying a little bit of everything...but i fear not enough selection of anything. i guess we'll see.

this blog has really sucked it lately. i apologize.

16 January 2007

i'm a wheel.

i'm really getting sick of this project i'm working on at work. you know, it wouldn't be so bad if something worked just once.

we attempted to clip oliver's nails last night...and succeeded in cuttng one too low and having him bleed everywhere. poor guy had to sit outside for over an hour while he bled out. finally robin fashioned a bandage with gauze, a sock and a rubberband. he mostly left it alone (although attaching a sock to that dog is about the worst type of torture you could do).

i worked late again last night and was only able to muster 20 minutes on the trainer and some core exercises with the swiss ball/medicine ball/dumbells. i guess i shoveled too but what does that count for? i'm a slacker but it's january. hopefully tonight i'll get out for a 10 mile run. but i'm sure to be here late again so who knows?

15 January 2007

long one.

this weekend was a long a one. and a good one at that, involving old friends, beer, and the bike swap...a retro weekend if you will. i bought exactly one thing at the swap, a new wallet. bet you didn't see that coming. there wasn't anything i needed, although there were some things that i really wanted. we're on a saving pattern so i elected to keep my money in my pocket rather than cram one more item into my basement. and i have no regrets.

since biking was the theme of the weekend, i put some thought towards it. i haven't had one between my legs in 2 and a half months. and i miss it. well, i miss my riding friends. and i don't want to lose that. so, while the sub 3hr marathon is still my point of emphasis for the next 10 months or so, i am not abandoning the bike. hell, i may even hit a few races over the summer...you know...just to be socialable. i'll do exactly enough to not really be on a team (or at least reap the rewards of being on said team). but i'm alright with that...because the biggest perk of doing anything requiring some passion is that there are others with the same passion around you.

so, it's time to rethink my training strategy. now that we have a little snow i may actually be able to cross train. running, skis, snowshoes, occasionally a trainer session...that will be my menu for the next two months. the main focus of my running will be to increase my long run. i'd like to be over 15 miles by april...and then build from there. my bike focus will be strictly fitness, so i can ride with my friends. and everything else will be filed under play time with some endurance purposes.

anyway, that post sucked. sorry about that. now it's time for 10 more hours of work. happy monday.

12 January 2007


friday and it's time to get to work. i've got my instrument problems figured out (sort of) so it's time to run some samples.

this weekend brings the annual bike swap. scotty is coming to town tonight so we can wait in line at the swap bright and early...ok, so 9:30 isn't exactly bright and early but there are usually some beer water involved when scott is around.

it's weird, i haven't ridden a bike since early fall but i'm really excited about the swap. all the parts and bikes and wheels...it's fun to look around. there really isn't much i need, but i'll be looking for a rigid fork to put on my single speed that i'll ride someday. and if i see a wheelset like i did last year i won't be able to say no...

happy friday.

11 January 2007

i never thought...

man, work is killing me lately. i cannot figure out an instrument i'm having trouble with, so much so that i'm thinking about it away from work (a big no no in my book). the problem is, it's a new method (to me) and a new instrument (to me). so, i'm making it up as i go...which is good for learning but bad for deadlines. whatever, i'm still hourly.

it looks like we'll be getting some snow over the weekend. weird. and cold. weird.

thursday (already?).

10 January 2007

filled with soul.

the past few days have been busy at work, and the cycle becomes...work 10 hours, rush home to let the dog out and run him until he is ready to lay down. once robin gets home it's time for my run until i am ready to lay down. followed by dinner. followed by trying to talk robin into watching the next big game.

speaking of which...the badgers pulled on out last night against the buckeyes. it's a tough week to be a osu fan. the last minute was tense, the badgers squandered a pretty big lead but held on in the end. go badgers.

i need to get to work.

09 January 2007


the outcome of last night's game was a little dissappointing to me. landslide, and osu looked just plain bad. more importantly, why is fox covering college football? barry alvarez did fine but he is no brent musburger (sp?), kirk herbstret (sp?), jack arute (sp?), lynn swan and the abc gang. something about the style of the coverage left me wanting more. oh well, college football is in the books.

the ap poll put wisconsin at 7th. i guess considering the schedule they played that is quite an accomplishment (although i think they should be above louisville). next year they will have their chance...they play michigan, ohio state, penn state and iowa (not to mention at minnesota and a tougher non-conference schedule...although there is still a 'TBA' which hopefully doesn't end up being another I-AA school). a two loss season would put them in about the same place they are now.

6 miles last night after working later than normal. felt good, although my knee and hip (opposite legs) still hurt for the first 3 miles of my runs. oh well.

08 January 2007

a new spreadsheet.

i typically log my training in a spreadsheet. for phase I of my return to running i had one that was part of my 2006 cycling log. this past week was my last one in my adaptation running phase...and although the last two weeks had about the same mileage as the one before them, i'm ready to go on to base. last week i missed 1 day because of my i.t. band and two because i caught a cold. zinc, echinachea and vita c along with some r+r and i was feeling better yesterday...and had one of the best feeling runs i've had in awhile.

i'm hoping to get back on track with my volume this week.

i put some time in the workshop over the weekend. got some organization done, got the bike set up on the trainer, etc. the bike on the trainer is for some cross training...you know, in case it ever snows again.

the so called national championship game is tonight. go osu.

05 January 2007


so, the stop lights in madison were all blinking this morning. apparently, flashing red in some people's mind means four way stop...not good when the other direction is flashing yellow (i witnessed an accident...the car next to me just went, without really looking). i made a horrible sound, screeeeech BAM! i got out of there...there were other people getting out of their car and me sitting in the turn lane was only going to make things worse...

i ran last night pain free. well, the first few steps sent a nice sharp ache through my hip but then i was fine. oliver 'helped' me do medicine ball work, too. how nice of him.

i have nothing else.

04 January 2007

back to it.

7ish miles last night without any pain. i'm still tight in the i.t. band but i think 'the stick' and stretching are slowly doing their job. the real test was how it felt this morning as i rolled out of bed...and it felt ok.

i emailed the program administrator for graduate school to ask if they had received my application materials (and recommendation letters) yesterday and got a response this morning. turns out she just got back from a 2 week hiatus and will let me know tomorrow...i hope my letter writers took care of business.

anyway, i've got a lot of work to do today...i don't feel like i've been slacking but the piles on my desk here are telling me otherwise. happy thursday!

03 January 2007


anyone watch frontline last night? man. regarding iraq, the government failed us in a very bipartisan way. the intelligence was bad (george tenet). nobody took the time to read the bad intelligence (all of our representatives). dick cheney and donald rumsfeld had an axe to grind with iraq.

the timing of the show was pretty weird. the day that gerald ford was mourned (the ford administration was when dick cheney and donald rumsfeld really started to gain their political power) and two days after sadaam was hung. nice work pbs.

there was impeachment talk because clinton lied about getting some oval office action. yet, this administration has lied about iraq's imminent threat, putting our service people in direct harm and pumping billions (and eventually trillions) of dollars into the desert with no real chance of winning (whatever that means). why are there no ramifications for that?

el what?

man it's been warm lately. supposedly almost 50 today, in january. amazing. i took yesterday off from running and my leg is feeling a little better this morning. weird how something so easy can be hard. i know not running makes my leg feel better. but i really want to run. conundrum. i've been staring at the bikes again for the first time in months. not that i've ridden any of them, but my infatuation is still there somewhere.

i'm starting my day with a little joy division. it will drown out the sound of a coworker who insists on loud talking on the phone for the first 45 minutes of her day (who talks for that long on the phone at 6:30 in the morning?). love, love will tear us apart...again.

i'm currently reading the divinci code (finally) and man is that book addicting. i don't really like the style of the constant cliff hanger but in this case i can't stop reading it.

happy wednesday to everyone. all weeks should be short weeks...skipping monday is totally the way to go.

02 January 2007

back to life.

well, our 10 days off have officially come and gone. i actually feel rested and almost happy to be back. almost.

since i don't remember half of what i did over the last week plus, i'm going to start the new year off with my new years news.

first off, the sec can kma. arkansas and tennesee both lost at the hands of big ten teams. the sec does have better speed athletes than the big ten, but this doesn't make a difference if you can't play disciplined, intelligent, technically good football. 12-1 for the badgers, not bad.

i'm dealing with some i.t. band issues. it's got me a little down, but so it goes. i'm going to go on a '2-on, 1-off' schedule until it starts feeling better--to try not to have to deal with bursitis this time around. oh well, part of running is damage control...

robin and i did a puzzle over the weekend. it was the type of puzzle that consumes hours and hours of your life, and then when you finally finish it, you still see said puzzle when you close your eyes. it was fun...i haven't done a puzzle in ages.

and now i have to get back to reality. work calls.