the jig (is up)

the ride home last night was another nice one. i was feeling some post race tiredness (and a little groin soreness from the awkward running on sunday) but otherwise felt good. i somehow managed to rake and mow the backyard before it got too dark. it's funny how life changes - that used to be something that i would dread and spend a lot of time doing. now, it needed to get done in 45 minutes so i got it done in 45 minutes. i used to waste so much time not doing but thinking about doing.

the ride in this morning was completely different than yesterday. cars everywhere and everyone seemed panicked. i wonder what it is that causes the fluctuations in traffic. it seems like it would have to be something but maybe it is just a bunch of coincidents.

i spent some more time cleaning up the cross bike last night. mud had migrated into the bb30 so i needed to take the crankset and adapters off to get everything cleaned and re-greased. seems to be working well now so hopefully that is all it will take. i just need to swap my carbon specific rear brake pads out and adjust the brakes and i'll be back in business. all told, it probably took 2.5 hours to clean up the bike after the mudfest. not terrible, but not something i'd enjoy doing every week. the silver lining is i've learned more about my bike through the process and everything got a good cleaning.

i'm on the fence about cross practice this week. i am leaning towards riding the mountain bike a little instead to make sure all systems are a go ahead of the blaster. 4 laps is going to hurt - no need to have bike issues on top of it!

happy tuesday.


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