so, after a long day which was somewhat mentally draining i was able to sneak out for a run at dusk. i ran on mostly trails and was feeling pretty good. since the blaster/sun prairie double weekend my right knee has been feeling a little off - probably some tendonitis from riding so hard on a bike i don't use very often. but, it hasn't gotten worse so i'm pushing ahead. anyway, the cool air and the low sun made for a very enjoyable 45 minutes. i pushed the hills (up and down) and took it easy on the flats (of which there aren't that many).

while robin was making dinner, calvin and i 'cleaned' a pumpkin. he really liked scooping out the guts and putting the top on and off. after dinner, r and c carved a 'spooky' face. robin is busy tonight so it will be boys night - i'm thinking we'll grab another pumpkin and carve another! i cleaned out a bunch of pie pumpkins on sunday so by the time we get this one done i'm sure i'll be over it.

rode into the teeth of a pretty nasty wind this morning. i arrived to a bunch of server issues that are rendering my ability to work useless. at least i can get on the internet i guess.

happy tuesday.


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